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Sun Systems and Software from Oracle

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware och software solutions.

Choose the System That's Right for You

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StorageTek Archive Solutions

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Oracle Modular Tape Library SL150

Industry-leading combination of ease of use and scalability.
Ideal for backup and archival applications for growing businesses and e-archives
that value ease-of-use, seamless scalability from 30 up to 300 cartridges, and low cost.
Storage capacity 450TB (nearly 1PB at 2:1 data compression) with LTO 5 half-height tape drives.

Oracle StorageTek SL150 - Picture

Oracle Modular Tape Library SL150 - Datasheet.

Oracle's Full Line of Integrated Storage Systems - Datasheet.

Oracle Modular Tape Library SL150 - Introduction Video

Easy to install, expand and manage.

Oracle Storagetek Tape Analytics Software

Datasheet/White Paper

Oracle Storagetek Tape Analytics Software - Datasheet.

Getting More Value from Enterprise Tape Libraries
with Oracle Storagetek Tape Analytics Software - White Paper.

Total Cost of Ownership - Oracle Tape Storage Solutions

Datasheet/White Paper

Oracle Measuring the TCO of Tape Storage Solutions - White Paper.

Product Ordering Numbers / Price information

For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

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NewFormat cares about Education & Research.
We support students and researchers in exploring the future with ICT.
More information here.

Oracle in Education & Research.
Oracle Empowers Students, Teachers, and Researchers with the Right Tools.

Oracle newsletter for Customers in Education and Research.

Oracle Academy Program
Oracle's Engagement in Education & Research.
Software, Training, ICT Resources, and More, for Schools.

Oracle Academy Program - Datasheets
Oracle Academy Program - Overview.
Oracle Academy Higher Education Program - Overview.
Oracle Academy Secondary School Program - Overview.

Campus Computing Solutions
Sun Hardware From Oracle, Pricing for Education!

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Oracle HOPE / Special Pricing for Education Now:
30%-60% off on new Sun Hardware from Oracle.

Eligible for global colleges and universities, teaching hospitals,
museums, K–12 institutions, and nonprofit research organizations.

Valid from Oct. 7, 2014, and onwards.

Click Here for Oracle HOPE Datasheet with Systems Configurations Priced for Education.

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Product Ordering Numbers / Price information

For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

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