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III. Business and projects with customers within
Education & Research Computing
Public Private Partnership (PPP) for
ICT Skills Capacity Building / ICT Competency Building

Classroom - Picture

In partnerships with schools, higher education, industry,
and international development cooperation agencies,
we drive joint initiatives to allow for students, teachers and researchers
to explore the future in dedicated environments/centers of excellence
with focus on a specific technology, industry, or application.

Contact NewFormat should your school care
to increase the skillset of your students

Recruiting Day@Oracle
Oracle hires junior developers, master thesis students, and summer interns to
Oracle's global development center for Java in Stockholm.

Oracle - OpenHouse@Oracle - Meeting point for schools and ICT industry;
open house at Oracle for students and teachers - Once a quarter.

2012-03-19: OpenHouse@Oracle
- Nynäshamns gymnasium och Team Obelix/Linköpings universitet

2011-08-15: OpenHouse@Oracle
- Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Kista

2011-08-14: OpenHouse@Oracle
- Royal Institute of Technology, School of Information and Communication Technology, Kista

2011-04-15: OpenHouse@Oracle
- Forsmarks skola; Rudbeckskolan, Sollentuna; Thorildsplans gymnasium; Stockholm

2011-03-11: OpenHouse@Oracle
- Bessermergymnasiet, Sandviken

Previous Engagements - Samples:
Technology Sharing Projects - Collaborative Reseach Projects -
- Board of Directors Positions - Capacity Building Projects

2007-2009: Sun Campus Ambassador Programme
Mentoring of 60 students ambassadors in Central & Northern Europe.

2007, 2008: StartUp Day - Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
Keynote: David Axmark, Co-Founder MySQL

2006: eLearning Capacities in Africa
1st International Conference on ICT for
Development, Education and Training, UNCC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2005-2009: Ricoh Europe & Sun Java™ Developer Challenge
Innovating Technology - EMEA Student Java Programming Contest

2005: UN & ITU - World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Tunis, Tunisia

2004, 2006, 2008: Excitera Swedish Game Awards (SGA)

2006: Excitera Innovation Challenge

2009: Excitera SGA/Mobile Cup, JavaFX Category

2002-2008: Sun @ EUNIS/European University Information Systems Annual Congress

2002: Sun Tech Days @ KTH with James Gosling,
"The Father" of the Java programming language.

2002: Sun Center of Excellence in High Performance Computing Architecture
@ Uppsala University, Dept. of Information Technology

2000-2007: Sun Application Tuning Seminars
at leading universities and research institutions in Central & Northern Europe

2000-2005: Vinnova (NUTEK) Center of Excellence:
Parallel and Scientific Computing Institute (PSCI@KTH and Uppsala University)

1999: Sun Tech Days @ Uppsala University with Greg Papadopolous, CTO of Sun Microsystems.

1999-2001: Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology),
Industry Steering Group for a new IT-University in Kista

1997-2004: TelecomCity FutureLand, Karlskrona, Software Reuse Café
- Student Java Programming Contests on Mobile Applications

        * 1997-1998: Winning student team from KTH are creators of
          the Java Engine JRockit, now a key product at Oracle Corporation.
        * 1999-2000: Winning student team from LiU are creators of the Orion Application Server.
          Oracle Corporation acquired license to the source of Orion in 2001,
          and developed it as Oracle Application Server Containers for Java EE (OC4J).

1996-2000: Seminar series on Image Guided Therapy, Dr. Ron Kikinis
          In partnership with Surgical Planning Laboratory, Department of Radiology,
          Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

          Tours to leading university hospitals/medical schools in Northern Europe;
          among them:
          Gothenburg: Sahlgrenska University Hospital,
          Lund: Lund University Hospital,
          Linköping: Linköping University Hospital, Linköping University/Computer Vision Lab
          Lund: Lund University Hospital,
          Stockholm: The Karolinska Hospital & The Karolinska Institute,
                    Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH/PDC),
          Uppsala: Akademiska sjukhuset / The Uppsala University Hospital,
          Uppsala University: ESCA-LASER Lab, hosted by Nobel Laureate Prof. Kai Siegbahn,
          Örebro: National Radiology Conference 1998,
          Copenhagen: Rigshospitalet,
          Helsinki: Helsinki University & Central Hospitals, and
                    seminar hosted by GE Medical Systems & Instrumed,
          Oslo: Rikshospitalet/National Hospital

1995-2002: Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Industry Steering Group

1995-2008: Numerous Collaborative Research projects undertaken between
          Sun Engineering / Sun Labs and leading universities in Europe and elsewhere;
          projects that in several cases contributed to the patent portfolio of Sun Microsystems Inc.

1995-2000: Facilitated mirroring of The Nobel Prize Announcement on SunSITE systems world-wide.
          Project delivered in collaboration with The Nobel Prize Foundation.

1993-2004: SunSITE (Sun Software, Information & Technology Exchange):
          Established and deployed SunSITE in Northern Europe.

          A Network of Internet servers hosted by leading universities worldwide and
          providing archives of information, software and other publicly available resources.

1993-2004: Deployment of numerous Sun Technology Centers, Sun Java Centers and
          Sun SITE Centers in Europe and elsewhere

1984-2009: Sun Microsystems - Strategic Programs for Education & Research
          (Since 2010 part of Oracle Academy)

1984-2009: Sun Microsystems - OpenHouse@Sun - Meeting point for schools and ICT industry;
open house at Sun for students and teachers

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